Light gold beer brewed using barley malts and the right amount of hops. Smooth, balanced and refreshing.

IBU 16 5.2%

German Hefeweizen

German wheat beer brewed with a noble German yeast. Refreshingly sweet & smooth with a unique banana & clove aroma.

IBU 24 5.8%

Cherry Ale

American light beer, lightly hopped. Aged with cherry producing a refreshing taste & aroma.

IBU 10 5.2%

Raging River

A bronze colored beer made with the highest quality pale ale malts and hops. Giving an extra hop bitterness this is a true "English Ale".

IBU 50 7.3%


Extra dark with a smooth slight coffee flavor. Brewed with roasted barley and black malts. The espresso of beers.

IBU 30 6.4%

Vanilla Porter

A Porter-style beer aged with Madagascar organic vanilla to reveal rich layers of caramel, coffee & chocolate.

IBU 22 6.2%

India Pale Ale

The king of the hop world. Brewed with a healthy dose of hops this beer changes with the seasons & the Brewers frame of mind. Ask your server about the specifics of our IPA.

IBU 50-100 6-9%

Brewmaster Special

Our Brewmaster Special is an ever changing limited production beer. These recipes keep the creative juices flowing and the consumer palate happy. Ask your server about this beer.